The Grave Doug Freshley Hardcover Edition

With a title so rife with puns you'd think you were reading a thesaurus, The Grave Doug Freshley from Archaia has made it to collected hardcover stage. That's right kids, the title--written by Josh Hechinger and illustrated by mpMann--will be collected in 168 pages of full-color glory for $19.95 on September 28.

The wild west is certainly not safe from zombies, as former schoolmaster Douglas Freshley is hired by his friend Shane McNally to tutor their son Bat. Of course, that works for a hot minute until the Delancey gang raids the McNally ranch, killing all the adults. That's ok though. Doug decides to rise up against them in more than just the power to the people way. His corpse is tasked with protecting Bat and extracting some frontier justice, all the while escaping the Grim Reaper.

Old west stories are always entertaining and adding in zombies gives this one that extra oomph. Check out some interiors after the jump.