New Arrivals: September 14, 2011

That time of the week. Wednesday. Time to get your bills in line for whatever comics you've got on your pull list. If you hurry today, you can run into your local comic
shop and make sure that they'll have some issues of Executive Assistant: Orchid #3.

The third and final issue finds Orchid dealing with the fallout for her actions in the second issue. In case you missed it, she dealt a fatal blow to the Cordova drug family in an effort to reclaim her past and dictate her future.

The Hit List Agenda is coming to a close and Executive Assistant: Orchid #3 concludes probably what is the best of the spinoff Executive Assistants. It's written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Micah Gunnell (inks by Rob Still and colors by David Curiel).

Check out Omnicomic's review of the issue here.


New Arrival: September 14, 2011