New Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Trailer

Travel info on the Kingdom of Amalur is hard to come by. Mostly because the world is still being fleshed out ahead of the game's February 7 launch. Wouldn't it helpful to know who you'll run into when you do make the trek to the massive kingdom?

In a newly released trailer for the game, viewers are introduced to the various factions that populate the world. There are Travelers, Scholia Arcana, Warsworn, Fae Houses and Tuatha Deohn. These groups represent thieves, sorcerers and the like, giving you the option to commit your loyalty where you choose.

When you've done exploring Skyrim, make sure to make your way over to Amalur. I hear the weather's lovely there in February and there's whispers of a wise scholar named PJ who sits around and reads all day. You can learn a thing or two from a PJ.