Preview - Orchid #1

The orchid is a pretty popular flower. Not only is it the namesake of one of Aspen's fearless Executive Assistants, but it's also the name of world created by musician Tom Morello.

Orchid #1 features a story by Morello, with art by Scott Hepburn and colors by Dan Jackson (Cover by Massimo Carnevale and Shepard Fairley). The $1 comic from Dark Horse is the tale of a teenage prostitute who learns she's actually more than that.

The world she lives features raised sea levels and the destruction of formerly stable genetic codes, leading to ferocious new animal species preying on the helpless. Of course, the rich have the high-ground and don't have to worry about such things.

Each issue will be promoted with a new song by Morello while the first issue will have a variant cover by Shepard Fairey.

The book hits stores October 12. Interiors after the jump.