Review - Avengelyne #3

Are you ready for some more Heaven and Hell fighting getting down and dirty? There's one comic that has all that and hot chicks thrown in too boot: Avengelyne #3.

For a sort of reboot for the character it's been a great introduction so far. I wasn’t too familiar with her but have to say now I cannot wait for the next appearance of Avengelyne to arrive. It's done a great job of introducing most of the main players in Avengelyne, Red Dragon, Father Peter, Torment and Passover, showing off about of their past run-ins and what sort of powers they have to throw down with.

Writer and creator Rob Liefeld, Mark Poulton and artist Owen Gieni do some great work for Avengelyne over at Image Comics and hopefully the next adventure in this series will not be too far off.

The third issue is basically a battle royale between Avengelyne (in Heaven’s body), Red Dragon (in Avengelyne’s body), Passover and the Red Dragon’s apprentice, Torment. Red Dragon does what all great masters do and infuses Torment with some life altering powers, while at the same time showing his true colors for Passover to contend with. Words can’t describe how badass both Torment and Red Dragon look as they seem to stand out on the page during the fighting.

So far Passover is my favorite character out of the series. The angel who's been helping Avengelyne is pretty badass with all the abilities and fighting skills he has. He can go between fighting with a scimitar spear or using a holy light gun that blasts out massive amount of light power. On top of that he has a sort of mind power over humans and transforms his face from a serene looking friar to a mask of judgment.

If you haven’t picked it up by now you should as I have nothing but praise for this issue and series as a whole. The art, dialogue and characters all just mesh together so well. Sometimes a comic could look fantastic, but have cheesy or corny dialogue that just ruins the flow and makes it hard to enjoy. Avengelyne doesn’t fall into that category at all, as all the dialogue fit, made sense and even during the fighting there weren’t stupid one-liners ruining the scene. What was said only enhanced the action.

An overall bloody good comic with tons of action bit of gore with a great story and superb drawing that drew the eye and complimented the story perfectly. I highly recommend picking up these three issues if you haven’t been reading them as you will not regret it and Avengelyne #3 hits stores September 28. Previews below.