Review - Executive Assistant: Iris #3

The Hit List Agenda rolls on in Executive Assistant: Iris #3 from Aspen Comics. Iris is the original Executive Assistant and her role is growing increasingly large in the overarching storyline. The third of five issues has some craziness in it.

The issue opens up at the funeral of Diane Coverdale's husband, where she's given a warning by Virat. Those fully immersed in the Hit List Agenda are familiar with Virat from Executive Assistant: Lotus. The issue focuses on Diane's interactions with Villone who offers her a business proposition that doesn't go down quite as Diane envisioned.

Iris is on hand to serve Villone with his only command of her in the issue. The last few pages are pretty crazy and get the reader wondering what the final two issues will hold for Iris and her choices.

Of all the characters, Iris has struck me as the "truest" Executive Assistant and maybe that's the point. The other assistants all seem to be a little out of control, but again, Iris is supposed to be the pinnacle of Executive Assistants. Iris is calm and acts only when ordered without hesitation.

Writer David Wohl has managed to cram in a lot of the story into this issue. Diane goes through the greatest arc and the issue is definitely focused on her recent loss. The art by Ryan Odagawa is well-defined and full of rich colors, courtesy of Teodoro Gonzalez. The panels are cleaner than some of the other EAs in that they don't rely so much on excessive blood to convey the violence.

Iris shows her loyalty and the issue ends with the reader curious as to what she'll do next. Her motives could be more than just loyalty though and it'll be interesting to see how she interacts with the others.

The book is in stores now and interiors are below.