Review - Executive Assistant: Orchid #3

The "Hit List Agenda" is coming to a close for Aspen Comics, with Executive Assistant: Orchid #3 the first non-Iris book to complete its arc. And when we say complete, we really mean lots of revenge.

The issue picks up (rightfully so) with the end of the second issue, immediately after Orchid decapitated Umberto Cordova. One Cordova's not enough as she's got her sights set on Ramos Cordova as well. Her recent fury has left her a little worse for wear though and were it not for another EA Orchid might have even more trauma to add to her troubled past. Iris joins Orchid on a revenge galavant across the country, culminating in a final encounter with Ramos Cordova himself.

Of all the EAs, Orchid has been my favorite. Her story was the most fleshed out of all of them and, what's more, was also the most interesting. Her character absorbed a lot of pain and channeled into means of killing. Killing with great effectiveness I might add.

That's something that the Orchid series hasn't been afraid to show: violence. Orchid was basically born in violence, so it only stands to reason that everywhere she goes violence follows. It makes sense that someone like her would be the Executive Assistant to someone as violent as a drug kingpin.

Writer Scott Lobdell has done a great job in crafting the arc for Orchid, helping the reader to connect to her while also ending the issue on a note that could indicate a spinoff series. The violence is "vividly" displayed by artist Micah Gunnell, with my only complaint being that some of the facial expressions are a little goofy looking. The inks by Rob Stull and colors by David Curiel add a level of intensity to the violence. The reader really feels for Orchid.

Executive Assistant: Orchid #3 completes what seems to be the Hit List Agenda arc with most solidity. She's a solid character that makes a lot of sense as an Executive Assistant and I would gladly read more if she were given a standalone series.

The issue should be in stores this week with interiors below.