Review - Executive Assistant Violet #3

The life of an Executive Assistant is tough. There are the typical duties, like answering phones, filing, scheduling meetings. Then throw in the assassinations, bodyguarding and dealing with betrayal and you've got a job description that few are wont to undertake. The three EAs (besides Iris) in Aspen's Hit List Agenda have all dealt with betrayal by their masters for some grander purpose, but it's safe to say that Violet's betrayal is probably the most devious.

Executive Assistant Violet #3 completes her arc by starting with her encounter with Duncan Villone. Villone has taken advantage of Violet's subservience by forcing her to confront and kill her master, Velchem President Henry Vincent. The confrontation ends with Vincent dead, Villone running and Violet coping with the rapid turn of events. Violet turns to her mother for help, who provides more help than she could have hoped for and the issue ends with an EA not named Iris showing up and offering assistance.

Writer Marc Andreyko has worked to make Violet seem relatable, if that makes any sense. She seems to be the most grounded of the EAs in a way, seemingly content with serving her master while at the same time managing to have a relationship with her mother. Of course, it helps that her mother was formerly an EA herself.

The illustrations by Pop Mhan and Lori Hanson are relatively simplistic, yet the faces stand out tremendously. In just about every panel, you're drawn to the facial expressions of the characters and you could probably read the comic without actually "reading" the comic based on them. John Starr's colors are bold and provide tons of contrast between characters and backgrounds.

With Executive Assistant Violet #3, the last of the other EAs have had their time in the sun. All that's left are the last two issues of EA Iris and the Hit List Agenda will come to a close. Don't think for one second though that you've seen the last of Violet, as she's sure to be joined by Orchid and Lotus in those last two Iris issues. Again, Violet's backstory is one that is begging to be mined for more and hopefully Aspen has plans to spin off the other EAs into their own ongoing series.

Executive Assistant Violet #3 hits stores today and interiors are below.