Review - Space Warped #3

Space Warped #3 came out this week, two days before Star Wars comes out on Blu-Ray. At least in this comic series they manage to tell the tale of Star Wars in their own way without adding in new CGI and it's a damn funny way at that.

Following after the first two issues this one is full of jokes, puns and all around goofiness, all central to the series. I laughed quite a bit throughout the issue.

In this issue we are treated to their take on Empire Strikes Back, showing off the events of Hoth, the flight through the asteroid field and the journey to Dagobah. For Space Warped these events are a little different with it being the Icy plains of Hott, a flight through a hay bale field and the journey to Dagoblah to find Yoga.

This is the sort of humor and play on the story that makes Space Warped such a fracking awesome comic to read. They way writer Herve Boushis plays on the characters and locations just cracks me up throughout the comic, accented by the dialogue. The dialogue is what makes the story so much more than just a Star Wars recreation with the banter between the characters following in a similar fashion to the dialogue in the movie.

I've really enjoyed Boushis and artist Rudy Spiessert’s take on the Star Wars story, injecting their own brand of humor into it and making it an enjoyable read. Spiessert's artwork has that real indie feel and the characters with the background mesh together really well, with neither taking centerstage.

If you are a fan of Star Wars (or just funny comics) you'll want to pick this one up. With such witty comedic dialogue and some really great artwork you couldn’t ask more out a comic and I highly suggest checking out the series. There's only three more to go to finish telling the saga of the original trilogy. Just an all around great comic.

Space Warped #3 should be in stores now.