NYCC 2011 - Shoot Many Robots Hands-On

New York Comic-Con just gets better year after year. From its heyday to where it has built up to now, New York is becoming the go-to con on the East Coast. I had the chance to check it out again this year and all the new comics, games and cosplay characters can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared for it.

Don’t worry though, as today I'm only going to focus on one game from the convention I played. It was a damn fun and awesome game too. The game is Shoot Many Robots, a four player co-op game coming out on the XBLA and PSN in March 2012.

With a title like Shoot Many Robots you can guess what the gameplay consists of and I'm here to say you shoot a lot of robots. It felt like an endless onslaught at times, as your player is jumping around killing robots left and right. To make killing the robots easier you get to choose from a wide assortment of weapons,some of which have infinite ammo while others have a limited supply.

In addition to the weapons you get other equipment to aid you in your quest to destroy all robots in the form of hats, backpacks, belts, pants and even a barrel. All of these wacky items give you different bonuses from improving your speed, sliding ability, jumping damage, etc., to help you save the day. As you progress through stages you'll find these items are color coded to your player, so there's no mad scrambling to get the items before your teammates do.

Finding the items is half the battle as you have to buy the new items too with the bolts you collect from killing all the robots. When you are in the thick of the fitting there will be bolts flying everywhere. These are the things you have to make the mad dash for as bolts are fair game for all the players.

The game boasts humor as well. The way to replenish your health is by drinking a beer with a satisfying belch afterwards. When you run out of beers to keep your health up and your life you go down waiting for a teammate to pick you back up. Another great feature as it keeps the game play going so long as one man is still standing to get the rest up.

An overall fun game by the folks over at Demiurge Studios, published by Ubisoft. I can't wait for it to come out.