Review - Executive Assistant Iris #4

The Hit List Agenda is nearing its end, with only two issues left to resolve, well, everything. Executive Assistant Iris #4 is the latest issue in the series, slated to hit stores today and move Iris one step closer to closure.

And let me tell you, it definitely ends on a cliffhanger.

Iris has been moved under the control of Duncan Villone, working alongside Rose and Juniper. Villone is continuing his takeover of the late Diane Coverdale's company while Iris is expressing doubts and an awareness of her impending death. It's through a surprise encounter by another EA that Iris' suspicions are somewhat affirmed, leading to her to take on one of her most dangerous missions to date.

Writer David Wohl has essentially crafted an issue that is actually jampacked with story. Upon reading it the issue doesn't seem that dense, but after reflection you realize that a lot of pieces are moved into place. Villone is further solidified as a villain and major player, willing to kill whomever is necessary to make his way. Iris is warned by another EA while at the same time her past with Rose is referenced and even expanded upon a tad. Not to mention the fact that Iris is truly put to the test as the definitive Executive Assistant throughout.

The pencils by Ryan Odagawa are strong, emphasized by the bold outlines used by colorist Teodoro Gonzalez. There's a darker color palette at play here, with Gonzalez emphasizing grays and reds--perhaps as a reflection of the two main characters of the issue in Iris and Rose.

There's only one issue left in the Hit List Agenda and it wouldn't surprise me if the other two (if not all three) EAs make an appearance in the last issue. The final panel in this one is the definition of cliffhanger and you're actually left wondering if the result is really as you're led to believe.

Executive Assistant #5 will no doubt prove to be a bombastic finish to Aspen's major summer event. If you've been keeping up with the Hit List Agenda to this point you should definitely check it out. If not, you've got a month or so to get caught up. The book should be in stores today with interiors below.