The Walking Dead Renewed for Third Season


They're on everybody’s mind and are all over anything and everything. For example? The Walking Dead series on AMC that continues to smash rating records with only two episodes in for this season. With a record 7.3 million viewers for the season premier under its belt, AMC has already greenlit a third season to make sure there will be even more zombies and the fight for survival for next October. This series is just getting better and better.

Last year the first season was just six episodes that introduced our hero Rick Grimes and a ragtag crew of survivors banding together after the world basically ends in a zombie takeover. That first season had some powerful moments in it, such as Rick on the horse turning the corner and running into that pack of zombies or when they make their dramatic run out of the CDC before it blows. Examples like those are just what makes this show so freaking awesome to watch for fans of the comics and newbies. The show offers things for both alike that keep drawing them back for more.

As the second season kicks off that drama and action carried over into one hell of a season opener. What other show can start with a zombie herd shuffling past the survivors hiding out under cars with just the slightest sound dooming them all? It carried a high level of tension for the viewer, as zombies can do that. The human story in this series is a pretty powerful thing and reading the comic conveys that, but seeing it on the screen with characters acting it out just takes it to another level.

That first season was a good introduction to the characters and the sort of survival story they all find themselves in after the world goes to hell. This second season is the one where they are all going to be tested and we'll get to see if they can truly survive in a zombie world and keep it together.

So far both episodes have left the viewer with pretty big cliffhangers, but when set in a world with death around every corner a cliffhanger like these is going to mess with your head even more. I enjoy that they keep to the comic, but do change it a bit so for those who have read the comic so it won't be entirely predictable. The little changes make even the rabid fan guessing at times and not knowing what will happen is what keeps all those viewers coming back for more each week.

If you haven’t been watching the show, first off what the hell is wrong with you? Second, you better get on it--watch the first season and catch up on this one as you won’t regret it.