Aspen's Idolized Contest Week 3

And the voting for the next comic idol continues! Aspen's in week 3 of its contest to determine what the characters will look like in their new series Idolized.

Week Two featured both a close race and a blowout, but Myth and Hocus are now both firmly ensconced in their winning designs. Week Three promises to be just as crazy with the voting, as you'll get to vote on designs for Radium and Wireless at

Check out the new designs for Week Three and full press release after the jump.


Press Release

For the first time ever, fans can have a hand in actually creating their comics, as readers get the chance to vote on the look of each of the characters in Aspen’s newest series, “IDOLIZED”, debuting in 2012. Now you, the fan, can have the unique opportunity of helping create Aspen’s next great series. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating comics, here’s your chance!

For each character, “IDOLIZED” artist Micah Gunnell gives Aspen three different ‘looks’ to choose from. But for this series, instead of Aspen selecting among the looks, they’ve decided to open it up to the fans, and let you decide.

Week Two featured one incredibly close race, and one complete blow-out. In Week Two, fans had the chance to vote on the designs for two characters: MYTH, a massively powerful but utterly pacifistic super-heroine; and HOCUS, an annoying, wisecracking hero who can make objects appear out of thin air. With HOCUS, the winning design prevailed in a landslide, but for MYTH a mere 10 vote differential ended up deciding the winner.

Week Three of the voting is now live with two entirely new characters to vote on: RADIUM and WIRELESS! Don’t wait – visit immediately, hit the “Like” button, and then cast your votes and help create the world of “IDOLIZED”!

Each Monday, Aspen will be posting a new set of character designs for readers to vote on. The following Monday, a new set of characters will be posted, and the voting for the prior week’s characters will be locked. So, make sure to vote early and often in order to ensure that the characters in “IDOLIZED” look exactly the way you want them to! And, in order to help make completely sure that your favorites win, spread the word and get all of your friends and followers to vote for your top choice.

“IDOLIZED” is Aspen's first-ever superhero series. It tells the story of girl with super-powers and a dark past, who seeks revenge, and ultimately finds redemption, over the course of competing in a televised super-hero competition show. Essentially, it’s “True Grit” meets “American Idol”…with capes. The series is written by David B. Schwartz (acclaimed writer of Image Comics’ “MELTDOWN”, “Aspen Showcase: Ember” and “Fathom: Blue Descent”), with explosive art by Micah Gunnell (“Shrugged”, “Executive Assistant: Orchid”, “Dellec”) and colors by David Curiel ("Executive Assistant: Orchid"), and will debut in mid 2012.