New Arrivals: November 2, 2011

That was a crazy Halloween. Everything from a stick of dynamite to a teenager posing as a football player came for candy and the decorations were in full effect. The holiday is over though, which means that if you didn't get enough candy then today and tomorrow are the days to go, seeing as how just about everybody will be having half off sales.

While you're out scooping up candy and decorations for next year at half price, make sure you stop by your local comic shop to pick up 7 Warriors #1 from BOOM! Studios.

Written by Michael Le Galli and illustrated by Francis Manapul, 7 Warriors #1 takes place in 6th century Libya, the capitol of an ancient nation is surrounded by the Persian and Byzantine armies. Seven are chosen to save the heir to the kingdom. Seven Warriors. Seven Warriors who also just so happen to be sexy, gorgeous women apparently.


New Arrivals: November 2, 2011