Preview - Super Dinosaur TPB, Vol. #1.

When Robert Kirkman isn't blowing our minds with things like the midseason finale of The Walking Dead (it was a good ending, albeit there are plot holes with it), he's hard at work at a slew of other stuff. Like imbuing dinosaurs with super powers and putting them in a comic that is about to be collected in a TPB in Super Dinosaur TPB, Vol. #1.

Written by Kirkman and featuring art by Jason Howard, Super Dinosaur TPB, Vol. #1 details the beginning of the saga of the Evil Max Maximus and his quest for Inner-Earth. He wants the powerful DynOre mineral that is found there and only Super Dinosaur and Derek Dynamo can stop him. The TPB collects Super Dinosaur #1-5 and the Super Dinosaur Origin Special #1.

The TPB is in stores now with interiors after the jump.