Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ Needs Help

Very rarely does a Norse god need help from mere mortals, but this may be one of those occasions.

Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ is the second in a series of one-shots which take classic, public domain superheroes, Gods, and cult icons and recontextualize them as a modern mythology for contemporary audiences. It tells the saga of Thor, banished from his father's Heaven to a slightly less utopian society where the Gods are weak and absent. This, of course, prompts him to want to stay on Earth and be the god of hammer bludgeoning.

Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ by Eric M. Esquivel & Ander Sarabia and published by Moonstone Books. You can donate to the cause at the comic's Kickstarter page, which still needs a shade under $400 in 59 days. Things are looking good.

Check out the full press release and video plea after the jump. Please note that Mr. Esquivel is only physically local if you live in the Tucson area. Then again, in the connected world we live in aren't we all local?


Tucsonan author Eric M. Esquivel takes of advantage of internet to bankroll controversial new comic “Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ”.

Kickstarter link:

Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ tells the story of a rowdy immortal youth who is banished from his father's Heaven to a world whose Gods are weak, absent and criminally negligent.

Rather than mope about his banishment and beg his Pop for a ticket back home, Thor elects to stay on Earth, and give her inhabitants the kind of God they deserve-- one who would rather bludgeon their enemies to death with a hammer than be nailed to a cross by them.

Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ will be published, marketed, and distributed by Moonstone books, the publisher who has brought us books like The Green Hornet, Voltron, The Phantom and Captain Action.

Eric is using Kickstarter to finance the first print run of the books (a common practice among “indie” publishers).