New Arrivals: December 14, 2011

Man time flies. Here we are a mere two weeks away from Christmas and I'm guessing many of you still have some shopping to do. Thankfully, tomorrow is a day that will help you find something for that comic book geek in your life, thanks to all the new releases. There's one in particular that's sort of a retread, but in a way it's a brand new take as well.

Tomorrow BOOM! Studios is releasing Irredeemable #1 Artist Edition.

Irredeemable #1 Artist Edition is a reprint of the first issue of the Mark Waid and Peter Krause (John Cassaday cover) series, but it's being reprinted with a twist. The deluxe artist edition features the original line art and a ton of extras that will throw you right back in the thick of the Irreedeemable universe.

Admittedly, this issue is primarily for collectors, but how often do you get a book this good in a style this unique?


New Arrivals: December 14, 2011