New Arrivals: December 21, 2011

This is the week. The last week you've got to get that comic fan struck off your list. Especially if you're looking to get them something that comes out this week. Not that you're waiting to the last second or anything. Don't worry though.

There are a few creators who also take their sweet time and wait till the last minute to get something taken care of. Some things are worth the wait, as is the case with Lady Mechanika #3 this week.

Joe Benitez has been nothing if not deliberate with his steampunk infused series, but thankfully readers can get right back in on the main character's continued investigation of the Mechanical Girl. Lady Mechanika is forced closer to Lord Blackpool and, in the process, learns something more about herself as well.

Benitez is pulling triple duty on this one, with Peter Steigerwald on colors. The issue is a good read, especially if you've been following the series to date.


New Arrivals: December 21, 2011