Review - Avengelyne #5

It would seem the eternal fight between good and evil just never takes a break.

For Avengelyne the day of fighting evil is never over, especially in the fight against the Red Dragon and his quest to enslave the world. If that's the sort of comic you're looking for than the Avengelyne series is the one to read with issue five out now and this action packed tale only getting better.

The story is by Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton and features art by Owen Gieni.

With the first few issues being the appetizer issues, acquainting you with who Avengelyne is and what she does best, these next three issues delve deeper into her world. Now we get to see Avengelyne, Passover and Father Peter deal with new threats against mankind in the form of the Four horsemen and a vigilante doling out justice in the name of God.

I felt like this issue got players involved that added a bit of intrigue into the story. Especially the vigilante claiming to be the Hand of God, who is really getting around and shooting up people whom he sees as sinners. I can't tell whether he's on the level and is doing good or is being played by the Red Dragon to cause trouble and make Avengelyne have to deal with him. Liefeld and Poulton have a solid story going on, with quality artwork to back it up.

Speaking of the artwork I have to say I love the layout of the pages. Sometimes you have comics that try and throw too much on a page that makes it jumbled when reading through. You have to sometimes reread the bubbles again as you might have done them in the wrong order which makes the comic un-enjoyable. With Avengelyne #5 this isn't a problem, as it's easy to discern the proper reading order.

This doesn't take away from Gieni's artwork, which is stellar. For this issue there are some more evilish parts and are drawn pretty cool, especially the pages showing off how badass the Four Horsemen are. It's clear a lot of detail that goes into each page.

With topnotch dialogue and some amazing artwork it's an all-around great issue and series. Story-driven, action packed throughout the issue a solid read and I am looking forward to the next issue as gotta see how it’s all going to go down.