Review - Avengelyne #6

The fight between good and evil is one that will be fought until all existence finally ends. It's always a struggle to see which side will win out over the other. In comics we get the chance to actually see the end game and who wins the battles.

With Avengelyne #6 it looks like evil is getting the upper hand on good and that does not bode well for Avengelyne. This issue ends the three story arc, but trust me...there's a lot going on that sets up the next issue beautifully.

Past issues had a bit of the heads being blown up or some downright, dirty bloody action, but this issue takes it to a whole new level. Seeing Father Michael go into pretty much berserker mode when he is a possessed man was crazy. And it's only going to get a lot more intense in the issues to come.

With the way this issue ends there's no telling what the fallout will be from the Red Dragon’s plan. One thing's for certain though: Avengelyne is going to have her hands full with what seems like hell on earth not far behind. Keeping plenty of twists and hidden agendas on both sides this series continues to intrigue and will keep you guessing.

Writers Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton have made Avengelyne #6 my hands down my favorite one so far. There's depth to the characters that makes it more than just sheer violence. It just has everything right going for it with the compelling story, accented by the blood, brains and action depicted perfectly by artist Owen Gieni and colorist Dexter Weeks.

Like the issues before it, Gieni's art just continues to blow my mind as it just fits so perfectly with the story. Panel layout is just superb and progresses naturally. It doesn’t use gimmicks or anything like that to force the story. The artwork just stands out on every page, with one page in particular coming to mind of Father Michael with blood on his face and just letting loose with his gun.

Avengelyne #6 has all the signs of one kickass comic as it keeps you interested, reading and wanting more. The entire time I was reading the issue I couldn’t think of a single thing that it needed to make it more complete. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Avengelyne #6 should be in stores now.


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