New Arrivals: February 1, 2012

Xbox Live Arcade is fantastic at reviving some of the older properties and adapting them to online play. One of those games is Magic: The Gathering, a game I fondly remember playing through my high school days. It's a game I've always had a soft spot for, so of course IDW's release of Magic: The Gathering #1 has intrigued me.

Written by Matt Forbeck and illustrated by Martin Coccolo (cover artist Aleksi Briclot), Magic: The Gathering #1 features a new Planeswalker in town. Said Planeswalker is in search of greater magical knowledge and looking for those who destroyed his town.

Dack Fayden is the greatest thief in the Multiverse, but when he gets his hand on his latest prize he has no idea where it will take him.


New Arrivals: February 1, 2012