Preview - A.D.D.: Adolescent Demo Division

ADD is a problem for some sections of today's society, but it's clearly been over-diagnosed. That's the bad news. The good news is that ADD in the sense of A.D.D.: Adolescent Demo Division isn't played out. In fact, it's in stores now and provides a look at some of the world's luckiest team gamers.

Written by Douglas Rushkoff and illustrated by Goran Sud┼żuka, A.D.D.: Adolescent Demo Division is about a group of gamers raised from birth to test media, appear on reality TV and enjoy corporate lavishing.

One by one, they "graduate" to new levels that are not what they seem. But their heightened abilities can only take them so far as the ultimate search for their birth families leads to an inconceivably harrowing discovery.

The book is in stores now, with interiors below.