Preview - Red Sonja: Raven

Red Sonja isn't the only warrior in the realm that can kill a man and look good doing it. In Red Sonja: Raven, the goddess Scathach places her blessings on a new warrior in Raven, who dedicates herself to the advancement of women across the land. That mission turns out to be slightly disingenuous as Red Sonja investigates a series of massacres that unravels Raven's story.

The one-shot is written by Marc Mason and features art by Lui Antonio (cover by Frank Martin, Jr.). It hits stores tomorrow for $4.99. Interiors are below.


  1. Marc Mason was signing copies at Pop Culture Paradise in Tempe, AZ. Thanks for the conversation and inspiration Marc! I am a Red Sonja fan and your writing did her justice! May the Goddess keep you writing more!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :-)



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