Review - Charismagic #4

If you're ever in the situation where "Jungle Law" is declared, things are about to get real. That's the precise situation that both Hank and Sudana find themselves privy to in Charismagic #4, the latest issue in the series that looks at magic in a different light.

Vince Hernandez continues as the writer, joined by Khary Randolph illustrating, Emilio Lopez coloring and Josh Reed lettering.

All the main players in the universe have their own agendas and all roads lead to Kon. Kon is touted as one of--if not the most--powerful wizards in the world. Samsun wants him for the power, while Hank and Sudana want him to stop Samsun. Meanwhile, Hector and Alle want him just to get out of the void they've been banished to.

The issue continues the idea that magic isn't always so cleanly defined as one specific type. For example, Samsun brings an entire running crew of witches, voodoo priests and others, all pooling their talents to achieve Samsun's goal. Sparkles is a cat, but is really a cat which is a mouse compared to other cat guardians.

Hernandez is writing a pretty solid story with Charismagic, again really emphasizing that all sorts of magic coexist. It's an interested premise that leads to some unpredictability in the direction. Sure, it's ultimately the tried and true "evil villain seeks more power than he's currently in possession of," but it works.

Randolph's illustrations really work. There's a very strong definition in character details, further accented by the colors of Lopez. The art comes together exceptionally well and adds a certain gravity to the story, complementing the potential universe altering events.

Charismagic is an interesting series. None of the characters immediately stand out, but the series is young and there are a few establishing themselves as stalwarts. It's definitely something new as far as comics go and is worth your time if you're looking for a fresh take on magic.

Charismagic #4 should be in stores today with interiors below.