Review - Dead Man's Run #1

If you were wrongly sent to hell and had a chance to escape would you take it? Of course, to break out of hell you'd have to have a friend with special talents; any old person couldn’t complete this task without someone with certain skills to get the job done.

Well Aspen Studios has a new comic named Dead Man’s Run that shows what it will take to break out of hell. Written by Greg Pak, with artist Tony Parker, David Curiel and Josh Reed, Dead Man's Run #1 brings to you a dark, vivid story with some great artwork backing it up that leaves you questioning what just happened and wanting the next issue to find out more.

I've read a lot of comics, but this one has a beginning like none I’ve seen before. It starts simply enough with what appears to be a prison break in process, which is shut down before it could actually turn into an escape.

During the fracas Captain Frank Romero is injured and killed by a fall and three gold bricks punching through his chest. Not a good way to go I might say, but his last words ask for someone named Tinker. It’s as if he knew he was going to hell and was going to need some help in getting back out. Or maybe it was part of the plan to die and go to hell to break someone else out.

Reading through the issue these are some of the questions that popped up for me and suggests perhaps a larger game is at play for the parties involved. One thing this comic has is a ton of mysteries as not a lot is revealed in regards to motives or reasoning as to why things have happened.

Sam Tinker is a character of his own as well with some sort of job for the prison as a civilian, but what that job is we don’t know. What we do know is he is a cartographer who just might be the best person to help escape the maze that is hell. Throw in a lost sister of Sam’s who was brought in and it makes for a complex character on our hands.

With the first issue you're always left with more questions than answers and I can’t wait for the next issue to help put some of the pieces together. Dead Man’s Run #1 is an interesting comic that I highly suggest you check it out.

The book is in stores this week and interiors are below.