New Arrivals: February 8, 2012

This week would be a good week to brush up on your Korean. Why? Drawn and Quarterly has a comic they think you'll be interested in, but it's got a Korean title.

Oh wait. The title is in Korean, but you don't need to know Korean to read it. Good to know. The title is Jinchalo.

Jinchalo is Korean for "Really?" and is a great title for the book, considering that question is at its heart. It's written and illustrated by Matthew Forsythe as a companion to Ojingogo, starring the same little girl as the heroine.

When Jinchalo hatches from a mysterious egg, he starts a new adventure. Magical troubles drag the pair out of the safety of her home. The comics are firmly rooted in Korean folktales with a light sense of humor as well.

The price of the graphic novel will set you back $19.95.


New Arrivals: February 8, 2012