Review - Dead Man's Run #2

If you were stuck in Hell and had the chance to escape wouldn’t you take it? What skills would you need to make it out with your soul intact and get another chance at living? These are just a couple of questions you might ask yourself if you were imprisoned in Hell.

Well don’t worry as Aspen Comics has your possible answers with their series Dead Man’s Run; the second issue of which is in stores March 7. Readers will get to see the next part of Sam Tinker's journey through the bowels of Hell as he searches for his sister and the Captain to get them all out. When dealing with Hell though you're going to need partners that can handle the stuff you'll have to do to make it out.

Dead Man's Run #2 is written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Tony Parker. It's colored by David Curiel and lettered by Josh Reed.

Sam enlists the help of his cellmate--the killer Morazzi--who's been around Hell for a few hundred years in helping him escape. Sam got a look at the map of Hell when he was brought before the warden and, being a cartographer, committed it to memory after taking one look at it. That's a pretty handy skill to have down there as Hell is full of mazes, twists, turns and different levels for the different sinners; having a map should make it easier.

Since they're stuck in Hell and not some resort things aren’t that easy for them as they're dumped down into the fourth level that is some sort of jungle and forced labor camp. It's here they meet a few other unfortunate, but badass, people trapped as well who I can see throwing their lot in with Sam to get out.

They definitely threw some loops in there with demons forcing them to mine gold for trade with the upper world. Especially since it was a ton of gold that dropped on Captain Romero in the first issue that killed him. There has to be a bigger plot afoot going on with that gold other then what they mention it’s for.

With only two issues down I'm digging the scenarios and surroundings Pak and Parker are throwing Sam into. Hell is a pretty colorful place and making it into a federal prison called Andrew Jackson Maximum Security Prison is just plain awesome.

Parker's artwork is well-rounded with the characters blending into the background perfectly. Hell is illustrated so vibrantly and full of color, which definitely gives more options with the type of obstacles they can throw Sam and the others into. The second issue even has a giant crocodile coming at them as soon as they land on level four!

This was an all-around great issue that's left me with more questions than answers, signs of a good comic. I'm looking forward to getting the next issue to see what the other levels hold and whether or not Captain Romero is going to be showing back up to help Sam get the frak out of there.

Dead Man's Run #2 hits stores March 7 and some interiors are below.


  1. Wow, good review. I've never heard of this comic before. The main character reminds me of Johnny Quest.


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