Review – Prototype 2 #1: The Anchor Part 1

Prototype is exactly the kind of IP that lends itself to comic form. Just in case you don’t immediately know from the cover shot, this is a comic that I would assume intends to fill in the gap left between the first and second video games of the same name. I didn’t play much Prototype so I can’t speak for the game with any real intelligence, but I am a HUGE fan of crossovers like this that expand on the story. Having the writer of the game also put together the story for the comic is obviously helpful.

Dan Jolley, Paco Diaz, Michael Atiyeh and Michael Heisler combine to write, draw, color and letter this companion title and Dark Horse is taking care of the publishing. One thing I can tell you is based on the sheer madness of the game and some of the dark titles Dark Horse has put out over the years, it's safe to say that our main character, Alex Mercer, is going to be ripping some people apart.

What else might happen? Well read on for some hints and also to catch whether I think this will be a GOOD crossover from games into comics.

This comic opens with a very brief recap into the overall point of the first Prototype. How can I put this briefly…oh I know! Alex killed some really high number of dudes to save New York from having a nuclear bomb go off.

This comic seems to focus on two issues. Alex is losing his grip on humanity. He was infected with a virus in New York called Blacklight which essentially allows him to transform himself into some demon-like killing machine. He can absorb his victim's memories for information and pretty much becomes an unstoppable force.

To try to rediscover what it means to be human, he travels the world. The atrocities he witnesses leaves him doubting whether he even wants to be human again. Finally he settles in solitude in a mountain cabin to simply be at peace with himself and not rip anyone to shreds for a while. There he befriends his landlord and his drop dead gorgeous daughter and begins to rediscover what he considers to be human emotions.

Of course this isn’t just a love story. Figures from the landlord's past begin to show up and things, as I imagine they always will for Mr. Mercer, start to get bloody. The man truly can find no peace.

This comic attempts to take a ruthless killer infected with a virus that allows him to morph his body into an alien looking creation and aid him with rediscovering humanity. If it was a standalone comic I’d be interested in reading on and the tie-in with the game only intrigues me more. It might even have me looking at the sale bins for the first Prototype to see what all the hype is about!

If nothing else I’m sure that would be considered a success. Oh…and a word of advice. Don’t try to hurt the very few people Alex Mercer considers friends. Things end poorly for you. Take my word for it.

Check Prototype out on digital shelves for $0.99 and if you're a big fan of the game consider this six-part miniseries a part of the lore and pick up the comic. It isn’t as interactive as the game, but I’d wager you’ll get a fair share of entertainment out of it.

Happy reading.