Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. Originally it was a post of news and tips to help survivors make it one more day alive, but now it has became a story of my fight after being bitten and partially cured to walk as a half-zombie among them.)

For being such a large government encampment on this side of the wall, it's really quiet here. We've been moving around now for a week and haven't seen any zombies for starters, but we also haven't seen any living people either. Nor have we heard any sounds or noises that could be vehicles. Honestly, I'm not sure if we're still in a burned out area or they just haven’t settled anyone here yet.

I've seen plenty of bombed out, burned and messed up buildings all over as we move further north. Makes it look like everywhere else with the amount of messed up crap around here and I thought that they saved more of the infrastructure. I guess I was wrong. Still doesn’t change the lack of any people around. We still camped by the rules of keeping hidden and no big fires just in case; never know who's watching or what's lurking nearby.

From the signs around us I want to say we're just inside the border of Massachusetts since we've been making such good time. Like I said before I heard that the main spots for survivors were in Vermont, so maybe they have this entire area empty for a reason. Man I'm getting tired of being on the run. Even being half-zombie I still have to fear the radioactive ones that have it out to get a piece of me. Looking forward to finding somewhere and resting.

You would figure getting closer to my goal would be better, but I just feel this dread hanging over us, waiting to drop. Have to get under cover soon. It's gonna be a bad week...