New Arrivals: March 14, 2012

In a few days people will be painting the town green in honor of St. Patrick's Day. It's a good color for the day, but it's a far cry from Black and Blue. Both of which are not so good when facing off against each other under the water. It's not Fathom this week, but Kiani.

Fathom: Kiani Vol. 2 #0 hits stores this week, written by Vince Hernandez and illustrated by Oliver Nome (colors by John Starr). In the first volume, Kiani discovered her true identity only to be labeled a dissident by her own people. This was all before she was killed by Aspen Matthews.

Now she's back and seeking vengeance for her past. Her true powers and capabilities will be on display, as will most likely a showdown with Aspen herself.

Check out our review of the issue here.


New Arrivals: March 14, 2012