Peter Panzerfaust #2 Sells Out

Readers love their Peter Pan and Peter Pan loves being thrust into wartorn Europe. What's that? You didn't know Peter Pan was involved in the second World War? Well he was, at least according to Peter Panzerfaust, the second issue having sold out and all.

That's right. The second issue has sold out, sending it back to press in preparation for its second printing on April 11. It follows on the heels of the first issue of the series by Kurtis Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins, proving it's quite the popular new series.

Not only that, but the series has been expanded from a five-issue miniseries to an ongoing title that continues in September.

Full press release below.

Image Comics/Shadowline series continues success

Berkeley, CA -- PETER PANZERFAUST, the Image Comics/Shadowline series that places the classic character Peter Pan in World War II-era France, has sold out of its second issue at the distribution level a week before its in-store date of March 14. It has immediately gone back to press, and a second printing (JAN128290) will be in stores the same day as PETER PANZERFAUST #3 (FEB120514), April 11.

The first issue of the series by Kurtis Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins also went into a second printing after an enthusiastic reception by critics, readers, and retailers. The second priting of PETER PANZERFAUST #1 will be in stores on March 21.

After having two issues in a row sell out, PETER PANZERFAUST has been expanded from a five-issue miniseries to an ongoing title, with PETER PANZERFAUST #6 shipping in September.

Wiebe is the writer of several Image series, including GREEN WAKE and the upcoming GRIM LEAPER (May) and DEBRIS (July).

PETER PANZERFAUST is a monthly, full-color comic book series published under Image Comics' Shadowline imprint, available in comic book stores and multiple digital outlets.

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