Review - Alpha Girl #2

Zombies have seen many different variations, all of which present a unique problem for the unlucky bastards who have to fight them off. In the latest of Alpha Girl from Image Comics, they got one hell of a crazed zombie tale on their hands.

The first two issues have just hit the nail on the head in terms of a crazy and funny zombie story. It's written by co-creators Jeff Roenning and Jean-Paul Bonjour with art by Robert Love, Dana Shukartsi, Diego Simone and Drew Gill.

This second issue goes off the rails in terms of the amount of blood, zombies and people generally getting messed up as the women are the only ones affected and turning into zombies. I've read some zombie comics that are pretty liberal with the blood, guts and people getting generally messed up and Alpha Girl #2 is right up there with them. Even more so at times, as it seems these crazed zombie women are just tearing dudes up. With guys going down left and right, chicks throwing up blood and soldiers shooting or capturing any woman in sight these are some hectic times for sure.

Writers Roenning and Bonjour have raised a few more questions with this issue. We learn more about the heroine and all the trials she has to endure in order to survive the messed up world she inhabits. Those trials are further complicated by her recent abduction by goverment men in biohazard suits that have taken her away. I like the flow of the story as the events play out at a nice pace, not allowed to get boring with the amount of action that flares up.

The art really adds to the story as well. The shading and at times cartoonish looking characters are quite amusing, adding some lightness to the severity of the world where zombie women are running amok. It's easy for a book like Alpha Girl #2 to drown in blood and gore, so it's refreshing to see the art look so good that you're not distracted by it completely.

I love the idea behind the comic and it comes across well. The pheremone created by the cosmetic company is still wreaking havoc and the series of characters introduced tend to die just as quickly. It's an interesting read with some gorgeous art.

Alpha Girl #2 is in stores now with interiors below.