Review - Fathom: Kiani Volume 2 #0

There are times when people do things that they think is for a greater good. In the moment, it's something done in the interest of a people, but more often than not that creation turns into something much more powerful than expected. In the world of Fathom, Kiani is that something. Or someone.

Written by Vince Hernandez and illustrated by Oliver Nome, colored by John Starr and lettered by Joshua Reed, Fathom: Kiani Volume 2 #0 sets Kiani up for some wicked revenge.

The issue opens with Casque and Siphon, two elders in the world of Black and Blue reminiscing in a sense about Kiani and her previous naivety. She was a young individual with little sense of her true capabilities and her potential was taken advantage of by the aforementioned Casque and Siphon.

The preview is relatively light on content, but gives the reader the chance to get acquainted with the wrath that Kiani will most likely loose upon the underwater world. She goes through combat training and learns she has that great potential, but she's forced to keep it a secret.

Hernandez knows Kiani and Fathom and he does a great job really presenting her as a potentially tragic figure. She wants revenge against everyone that wronged her and both Casque and Siphon are fearful of her. The art by Nome is very familiar as well, keeping it familiar to readers of Fathom and the earlier Kiani works.

If you're a fan of Fathom and Kiani, you'll definitely want to check out Fathom: Kiani Volume 2 #0. Fair warning--if you haven't followed either series to this point, there's a lot of backstory in the Fathom universe. It's loaded with tightly written canon and there's a lot you may be a little unsure of.

That's not to say a new reader can't pick up Fathom: Kiani Volume 2 #0 and follow what's going on. It's a good jumping on point that gives you all you need to know. There's just a lot more in that universe that's available that you should check out as well.

Fathom: Kiani Volume 2 #0 hits stores March 14 with interiors and covers below.