Review - Homemade Heroes #1

Homemade Heroes #1 is an interesting book. It's not so much one overarching story but a series of strips presented in the old school newspaper format. It's about a world of gifted people that call themselves superheroes. Only instead of every panel being them doing heroic things, you're more likely to see them being a bit more human. Well, as human as superheroes can be.

Homemade Heroes #1 is written and illustrated by Russ Walton, who goes by the pseudonym Grim Rascal Presents.

The superheroes' choices are more likely to cause them embrassment and humiliation instead of fame and fortune. It's something that is a bit more lighthearted than a lot of the other stuff out there and more or less pokes fun at the entire superhero culture. There's a shark man that can't swim, a would-be stick-up robber foiled by a credit card and superheroes taking cabs to get to the point of distress.

Walton's stories are pretty amusing and really do a great job skewering some of the trappings associated with being a superhero. What's even better is that each strip has a simple title such as "Fame," "Good Deed" or "Sick Sense." Each title gives you some indication of what to expect and reading the strip provides the support for that expectation.

As mentioned earlier there's really only a loose thread holding all the strips together. That thread is that they're all in the same issue and, presumably, all the superheroes inhabit the same universe. Grim Rascal has promised that future issues will be more linked together and refer to previous issues as well, ideally expanding upon the universe of Homemade Heroes.

The best thing about Homemade Heroes #1 though is the art. The characters are drawn very well and are almost caricatures of superheroes themselves. There's an almost graffitti style in the illustrations and lettering, which works really well for a book like this.

Homemade Heroes #1 has a lot going for it. It's not something that can be read as an ongoing series (yet), but it is something that pokes fun at the superhero genre. There's a Calvin & Hobbes vibe to the stories that makes it fun to read.

The first issue can be purchased by contacting Grim Rascal directly or by checking out their Facebook page.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my first issue I appreciate anyone's view good or bad and I would quickly like to add any orders place through me gets a free mini gift

    1. I hope you realise that there is already a comic-book series being published on/over the internet about costumed superheroes called Home-Made Heroes ( which is copyrighted by online publisher Richard Ian Bird, I don’t know if you will have to amend any advertising to state that your series is in no way connected to his!

  2. Hi

    thanks for that info it's very useful, luckily our copyrights are in no way clashing other than a coincidence in name title; but I am actually in mid transformation of amending my books name in issues two through to three to avoid confusion and the 'home Made heroes' tag from issue three will be dropped completely. The reason this still appears as such is people know my next issues do link to this first issue.

    Please also be aware that words and names cant be copyrighted as such. Only concepts, ideas, logos etc can be copyrighted. However I have also noted that many other companies and artist use the 'Home Made Heroes' name as part of the products they sell which is is why I aim to change the name as I don't want to be linked with other products which Richard may already also be considering to avoid confusion for his own product.

    At the end of the day in a world of so many amazing talents it's always highly likely that people will cross paths and accidentally share the same thing. It's just one of those things.

    I hope that puts you and Richard more at ease about the situation.

  3. Sorry, forgot to mention that when creating Home Made Heroes I originally did search online but didn't see Richards website which is why this clash of titles was missed. You will see however that via facebook etc my series is being referred to as HMH at the moment so until the name is fully different no clashes should occur.

  4. Heinz, Lego, Marvel and a you tube channel use Home Made Heroes too so a change in name wouldnt hurt to help stand out


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