Review - No More Heroes #1

People do the darnedest things when they're drunk. Throw up in a friend's car, drunk dial someone they shouldn' know, run of the mill, Hangover type stuff. There are even times when we get a text from an unknown sender posing a pretty heavy question that we casually reply to for laughs. Well, not this serious.

No More Heroes #1 is written by Gordon Mclean and illustrated by Caio Oliveira (colors by Goran Kostadinoski and lettered by Kel Nuttal). It's a book where a drunken Sid Millar replies to text he probably shouldn't have.

The first page of the comic sets the tone for the entire issue. Sid gets a text from an unknown sender asking the question "Should I kill myself?" It's a poignant question in everyday life, but when it's sent to a drunken individual showing off for his friends.

The text and the response are seemingly innocuous on the surface, but when the superhero Dark Justice is found dead of suicide the next day, well, that's a little heavy. Naturally, Black Fury (Dark Justice's sidekick) blames Sid for his death, but a little interrogation reveals that it was actually someone else that killed Dark Justice.

Mclean's got an interesting story with No More Heroes. The opening text message asking for permission to commit suicide is not your standard fare opening and actually had me intrigued for the first half of the comic. That's not to say the second half of the comic is bad or less interesting or anything, but the direction it goes gets a little less intense.

Oliveira's art is great for the issue (and presumably the comic). It's got sort of a throwback, retro feel to it that gives it a very unique tone. The panels depict the emotion of the comic really well and the black and white is a nice touch.

No More Heroes #1 is a series that could pose some interesting questions and viewpoints. The direction the first issue took gives the reader a clear antagonist in Jack Slaughter while at the same time showing that there may be more to the death of Dark Justice than what's on the surface.

The book should be available now. Check out some interiors below.