Review - Taking Flight

Superpowers are wondrous. Granted, it's hard for people to fully conceptualize what it would mean to have those powers, but that's what comics are for I suppose. Taking Flight is a one-shot written by Stephen Sutherland and illustrated by Garry McLaughlin and it's described as a "grounded, human superhero story." And it lives up to that billing.

Michael Corrigan is a man living in a world where superheroes do exist. They're littered throughout history in different roles, all of which are still subject to the same pressures that humans live under. Want to be an actual superhero? The tabloids think you're hiding a scandal.

In the world of Taking Flight, Michael is a man almost ashamed of his gift of flight and strength. He's very much Superman in that sense and this comic looks at him through a similar microscope. He's got a girlfriend who wants him to use his powers more and he has an innate desire to help.

The problem is, he lives in a litigious society where helping someone is more likely to get you sued than rewarded. Having said that, he's a reluctant hero. There's trepidation on his part to use his powers for good, declaring superheroes to be mainly for the "stupid or the millionaire thrill seeker," of which he's neither.

Sutherland's story is surprisingly grounded considering most of takes place in the air. Again, Michael never asked for the powers and has yet to decide how they would be best used. He gradually comes to terms with them though and decides in the end that maybe it's not so bad to have them.

McLaughlin's pencils are well defined and simple. There's great definition in the characters, especially Michael. There's a little inconsistency in some of the panels. That is, some panels look very well defined while others look a little less so. The pencils as a whole are solid.

Taking Flight is a unique look at being a superhero. It's not a new take, but it's one that's done with a bit of fresh air. Michael is a reluctant superhero in waiting and is someone the reader can relate to. There are plenty of times when we're asked to do something greater, but for whatever reason we hesitate. Maybe we shouldn't.

Taking Flight will be available in April from Laser Age Comics in a full-color run. Interiors below.


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