Boston Comic Con 2012 - Who's Who

Boston Comic Con is quickly turning into a solid show, rife with lots of creator-owned comics that you might not have heard of before. There were a lot of good creators there and we wanted to shed a light on some of their works.

Check out a list of creators below (in no particular order), highlighting their works of the moment as well as works of the future moment. There's some quality stuff out there folks. Granted this isn't an exhaustive list, as there were tons of creators there we just didn't get a chance to talk to. When it comes to creators and works you may or may not have heard of, these are some of the ones that stood out.

Amanda Norden
Amanda is a sci-fi and fantasy artist trying to find a niche. Right now, she primarily does pin-ups, but she's actively looking at parlaying some of those pin-ups into comics. You can check out her work at Elfwood

Eric Ratcliffe
Eric is one of the folks in charge at New Comic Day, a weekly webcomic about comic fans. They cover topics from stealing the Batmobile to being in Star Wars and everything in between. The first year's worth of strips has just been collected in New Comic Day: 52 And Then Some and new strips show up on the site every Wednesday.

Fat Cat Funnies
Fat Cat Funnies has been making comics since 2007 and debuted two new titles at Boston Comic Con. Those titles were Dime Box Comics #1 and Gritty Illustrated #1. The publisher is taking submissions of finished comics and are doing the comic book hustle. You can learn more about them at their website Fat Cat Funnies

Francis Bruno/Emma Robinson
The duo of Francis and Emma have created a brand new work due in stores called Synthetic Soldier. You can check out their Boston Comic Con presence on their Facebook page. The company's site is Graveyard Shift Press

Andrew LuVuolo
Andrew is one of the writers and creators at GI Comics and his work The Rift boasts the talents of both Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. The publisher is also behind Intrepid, a work by Jose Loeri, and Shonen Double Feature. Those works and more can be found at the GI Comics website.

Josh Dahl
Josh is the writer behind Rapid City, a maxi-series comic book that boasts multiple smaller story arcs. The stories in the book are inspired by Josh's dealings and experiences in the Kalamazoo punk music scene. It's about Viper, a hero who's returning home to find a friend who mysteriously vanished. Check out more about Rapid City at the Monolith website.

Joe Martino
Joe is hustling the creator-owned scene, working to get titles like Shadowflame and Ripperman into your hands. Ripperman has just been published by Arcana and Joe's even created a new series called FHA-Q. Be sure to check out more of his work at his website, JGM Comics.