Indie Megabooth at PAX East 2012

Sure PAX East will have the big boys at the show, but what about the little people? Those small studios that could, working tirelessly to bring you the next darling of the industry? Sixteen of them have decided to unite like the Constructicons or Dinobots to form one massive, awesome booth of indie goodness.

The Indie Megabooth boasts 17 publishers and 20 games in one nice, neat little area. Publishers in the booth include 24 Caret Games, Antichamber, Carbon Games, CAPY, Dejobaan Games, DrinkBox Studios, Fire Hose Games, Gaijin Games, Haunted Temple Studios, Locked Door Puzzle, Marc ten Bosch, Owlchemy Labs, Pocketwatch Games, Retro Affect, Ska Studios, Strange Loop Games and Hello Games.

The corucopia of indie studios wil be at booth 670 by the looks of the map (PDF warning), right near Wizards of the Coast.

Check out the video for the booth below.

PAX EAST 2012 - INDIE MEGA BOOTH TRAILER from Capy! on Vimeo.