Review - Creepy Scarlett #1

Graveyards are scary places, usually rife with zombies, vampires and the like. They're also home to quite lovely tea parties. Or so I'm told. Tea parties attended by teddy bears, mutated rats and a witch. A witch with a propensity fighting the undead in Creepy Scarlett #1.

Creepy Scarlett #1 is written by Graeme Buchan and the two stories have different artist teams. "Creepy Scarlett Vs. Zombies" is illustrated by Ozzy Longoria, colored by Jessica Jimerson and the cover is colored by Sergio Acuna. "Creepy Scarlett Vs. Pumpkinface" is illustrated by J.C. Grande and colored by Jimerson.

As mentioned earlier, Creepy Scarlett #1 is broken into two stories. The first is "Creepy Scarlett Vs. Zombies" and has Scarlett facing off against zombies in a graveyard on the outskirts of town. What's nice is that the story actually reveals an origin for the zombies, which is refreshing.

The second story is "Creepy Scarlett Vs. Pumpkinface" is set in town where Scarlett faces off against Pumpkinhead, who's hellbent on making her life miserable. She stops his current plan, but quickly realizes he was sent by the Order of the Red Sun to stop her.

The two stories are combined in this first issue and will each have resolutions in future issues. Buchan is using both stories to show Scarlett at different points in her life, but ultimately the reader can conclude that Scarlett fights. A lot.

Everything hinges on her crossing the bridge into town, yet for some unexplained reason she can't. It's surely something Buchan will explain in due time.

The art styles--despite different artists--is fairly similar. It's close enough in style that it all works together very well. Longoria seems to use more detail while Grande seems to do more as far as filling the panels with action. The art overall fits the story and Scarlett is depicted with authority.

Creepy Scarlett #1 has the potential to be interesting, depending on how it plays out. The supernatural genre is still being tapped here. Scarlett's involvement with the Order of the Red Sun is enough to bring you back for at least the second issue.

Creepy Scarlett #1 is currently available from Indy Planet and interiors are below.