Review - The Rift #1

When humans gain the capacity to traverse space and time, there certainly won't be a shortage of creative ways to do so. Our imaginations have created the TARDIS, Mass Relay, Hyperspace...even a DeLorean modded to travel through time. A tried and true method of interplanetary/interdimensional travel though is the good old fashioned rift. Like the one in The Rift #1 from GI Studios.

The Rift #1 is written by Andrew LoVuolo and penciled by Connelly (inks by LoVuolo and colors by Danimation). It doesn't have the DeLorean, but it does have a rift.

The issue opens with Slo'Ett on the run. He's running from three rather nasty looking demons and is the last of his world to exist, most likely wiped out due to said demons. He's fighting to survive and, thanks to the help of a wizard, is given that chance.

Meanwhile, across time and space, Dr. John Spencer is refining his latest research in psi-holography. It seems to be a way for memories to be projected as holograms, to what end is unclear. It's after disastrous results that Spencer encounters Slo'Ett and an unlikely alliance is formed.

LoVuolo's writing in the first issue follows a typical path storywise. There's an ancient alien race on the verge of extinction searching for an artifact that's on Earth. Spencer proves that being a scientist is one of the worst jobs a comic character can have with his research now quite panning out.

The characterization of Spencer is a little inconsistent as well. He's a physically ripped scientist, but sort of freaks out when faced with impending death. It's likely something that even the "toughest" people will feel in that situation, but it doesn't really scream "hero."

Slo'Ett on the other hand is pretty bold. He faces down the demons (while on the run) and calmly gets through the situations he's placed in. He's a great foil to Spencer and the two of them may be polar opposites for a reason.

Connelly's pencils are pretty nice. There's a lot of detail in the face of the demons and the way they're illustrated, you get the sense they're very imposing. LoVuolo uses color tones very effectively to showcase different locations (such as Slo'Ett's planet and Spencer's lab).

The ending of the first issue sets up the subsequent issues and it's a decent setup. There are no major plot twists or anything just yet and Spencer's arc as a character is something to keep an eye on. Overall, the story is intriguing and the first issue is worth checking out.

The Rift #1 is available online now at the GI Studios online store.