Review - Superbia #2

It's tough for a publisher to decide whether or not their next big thing should be ongoing or the numbered issue runs that typically come with a new title. Superbia #1 was met with great reviews and BOOM! Studios has just announced it will be an ongoing series.

Part of that ongoing is, obviously, Superbia #2, written by Grace Randolph, illustrated by Russell Dauterman, colored by Gabriel Cassata and lettered by Steve Wands. The next issue in the BOOM! Studios superhero neighborhood drama does a lot to advance the story.

Eve gets the star treatment so to speak in the second issue. The wife of Robbie is the newest member of the Meta Legion Family and is very worried about Robbie doing superhero things. And the cuts and bruises that go along with it. She visits with various members of the team to learn more about their dynamics and who can be trusted to help Robbie.

Helen Heart is concerned that people will learn her secret, leading to Sovereign to claim ownership over her. Ruth is probably the secondary star here, up to no good and raising strife among the members of the Meta Legion. Eli even gets some love, showcasing his talents to a less than impressed, well, anyone.

Randolph's choice to narrate the story through the eyes of Eve was smart. Unless you're a comic book reader with powers that you've yet to disclose, it's good to be able to relate to the book through the relatable character that's human.

The superheroes also get bogged down in the minutiae that plague everyone at times and it's something that on its surface could seem pretty mundane. Randolph does a great job adding intrigue to it though, characterizing the members of the legion in ways that more or less force you to establish a verdict as to whether you like or hate them.

Dauterman's art is subdued, but it works for the story. There's a wide variety of characters depicted in the supposedly quiet cul de sac. Cassata's colors take the illustrations to a whole new level, where every page seems to have a certain filter applied to it.

Superbia #2 is humanizing look at superheroes. Beyond the jumping from roof to roof and fighting crimes, superhero have their own personal lives to contend with as well. The second issue has started to let those personalities shine through, leading to the expected tensions and alliances. The recent attacks on NYC are a great catalyst to see the group in action, which will no doubt contrast with the backyard BBQs.

Superbia #2 is in stores now and interiors are below.