Fatale Gets Collected in June

Ed Brubaker's Fatale is a hit with the readers, although not as many people read it as they should have. They'll have a chance to make up for lost time in June, as the first story arc of five issues gets collected in a trade paperback called Fatale: Death Chases Me.

The story follows a mysterious woman named Josephine who trails trouble wherever she goes and the men that gets tangled in her web. It opens in present day, with Nicolas Lash meeting a beautiful, mysterious woman in a cemetery. The intrigue starts in 1939 and spans two decades to 1956 in San Francisco.

The 136-page paperback will set you back $14.99 when it hits stores June 27. Fatale #6 hits stores the same day.

Full press release below.

Horror noir series gets collected in June

The Image Comics horror noir series FATALE debuted in January 2012 and swiftly became acclaimed creators Ed Brubaker's and Sean Phillips' best-selling collaboration to date. Its first story arc, contained in issues #1-5, is being collected into a trade paperback, FATALE: DEATH CHASES ME, to be published by Image this June.

FATALE follows a mysterious woman named Josephine who trails trouble wherever she goes and the doomed men who get tangled in her web. FATALE: DEATH CHASES ME opens in present day with Nicolas Lash meeting a beautiful, mysterious woman in a cemetery, but the intrigue he becomes part of begins in 1939 and unfolds in 1956 San Francisco as Josephine flees from a horror that has pursued her for almost two decades.

The series, the first issue of which has received five printings, was a wide critical success:

"You'd be hard-pressed to find a better creative team working in comics right now than Brubaker and Phillips."

"Combining the noir flavor from their previous works with fresher horror elements, Fatale is a completely unique title that offers an intriguing, fast-paced mystery."

"This is not a story about life or death; it’s a story about salvation. You know from the start that everything has been shot to hell and know the characters are scrambling to make sure it doesn’t get worse. The different stakes in [FATALE] leads to a different kind of storytelling from Brubaker and Phillips. They keep you guessing throughout this book, trying to figure out what they are doing and where the characters are going."

"[FATALE] is sinister, brilliant and quite possibly the best thing Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have ever done. That is saying something."

FATALE: DEATH CHASES ME (APR120439) is a 136-page trade paperback for $14.99. It is available for pre-order from the April issue of Previews. Its ISBN is 978-1-60706-563-0 and it will be in stores on June 27.

A new story arc begins with FATALE #6 (APR120536), set in mid-'70s Los Angeles, where Josephine is trying to start a new life — but in a place like post-Manson Family L.A., the darkness that follows her can't be far behind. It will be in stores on the same day as FATALE: DEATH CHASES ME, June 27.

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