Manhattan 1930 About The Man in the White Suit

White suits get dirty awful quick. Sure, they look stylish, but one ill timed ketchup drop and that suit is ruined. There's another white suit though that likely isn't subject to condiment mishaps and that's the white suit of a scientist. That scientist happens to be Nikola Tesla and the comic is Manhattan 1930: The Man in the White Suit from CDComics.

Tesla has been linked with numerous scientific breakthroughs, while Aleister Crowley is an English occultist known as "The Beast" and known as the Wickedest Man in the World. Throw them together and you've got a book that has prototype Nazis, ninjas, femme fatales and masked characters with powers. It follows the exploits of Harlem PI, working alongside a new partner named Pilot Ace.

The 40 page full colour first issue is available to download priced $0.99/70p UK. Full press release and links to buy below.

Part One: The Man in the White Suit

Did Nikola Tesla and Aleister Crowley ever meet? CDComics the Sheffield UK based digital comic publisher would certainly like us to think so.

The first issue of CDComics Pulp Fiction Series that's titled Empire State, follows the exploits of a Harlem PI, who relocates to Midtown Manhattan to work alongside a new partner, ‘Pilot Ace’.

There is a mix of prototype Nazis, Ninjas, femme fatales and various masked characters with a range of powers, but what really sets this narrative apart and shifts the comic into steampunk and cthulhu territory is the inclusion of two real life characters from the period.

Tesla, the famed Fortean Scientist who was living in the New Yorker hotel in the 1930's and has been linked with various scientific breakthroughs, including particle beam weapons, teleportation and time travel. Plus Crowley, ‘The Beast’ an English occultist who was known as the ‘Wickedest Man in the World’ and visited America in 1930.

Song, the Man in the White Suit and Secret, his empathic masked secretary immediately find themselves investigating the murder of Song's new partner and the Man in the White Suit soon realises he has bitten off far more than he can chew. This is hard bolied PI meets Lovecraft with a sprinkling of steampunk science and moves at a pace that leaves you ready for issue two 'New Yorker' and the final comic in this first story arch 'Harlem'.

The 40 page full colour first issue is available to download priced $0.99/70p UK from the following sites

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