Preview - Praetorian GN

The Praetorian guards were bodyguards of Roman emperors in the empire's heyday. They were feared and respected for their stature. They also happen to make a great topic for a graphic novel in Praetorian GN from Arcana Comics.

The graphic novel is written by Ryan Foley and illustrated by Robert Gill. The island kingdom of Desperian has been ruled by a dark wizard named Zoranthar and his ruling class of loyalists. They live by the law that blood in the arena keeps blood off the streets, which works out well for gladiators.

Valoriss Bladesong is dropped into the ranks of the gladiators (with an awesome name), which of course will put her front and center with Zoranthar. As these things go, there's the likelihood that the rule of Desperian will be challenged.

The graphic novel hits stores this summer for $19.95 at 132 pages. Order codes are Diamond Code: MAY12 0835 and ISBN: 978-1-927424-52-0, with interiors below.