Preview - Queen Sonja Vol. 3: Coming of Age TPB

Before Queen Sonja was royalty, she was a wild child with red hair and room to run through the Hyrkanian wilderness. She was even a thief in Pah-Disha and bringing a reckless approach to life. Surviving the tough years so to speak taught her to fight, hunt, steal and kill. It's up to Dynamite to teach her how to have her stories collected.

Queen Sonja Vol. 3: Coming of Age TPB is written by Luke Lieberman and illustrated by Mel Rubi, with a cover by Lucio Parrillo. The collection includes issues 11 through 15 of the ongoing series, as well as all the covers by Parrillo, Carlos Rafael, Fabiano Neves and Mel Rubi.

It hits stores May 30 for $19.99 and interiors are below.