Review - Ragemoor #3

Dealing with an opponent is relatively easy in the grand scheme of things. You study their strategy, find a weakness, get a good ambush point and strike. Fighting an opponent that is the ambush spot is a little trickier, as Master Herbert is quickly learning better and better each day he spends in Ragemoor.

Ragemoor #3 is published by Dark Horse Comics and is written by Jan Strnad, illustrated by Richard Corben and lettered by Nate Piekos of Blambot.

The aforementioned Master Herbert is hard at work trying to make amends to Ragemoor for previous transgressions. Just kidding. He's still trying to find the poacher Tristano and do bad things to him for declaring his love for Anoria. Herbert's of the mindset that Anoria and he are destined to be together to provide an heir for Ragemoor.

Anoria has other plans though, content to spend her time with Tristano in, well, trysts. The duo conspire against Ragemoor, prompting the castle to roar to life and fulfill the visions of Bodrick, dealing with his own malady in the form of a servant bite.

To say that Ragemoor #3 is as out there as the previous two issues would be a little misleading. On the contrary, there are some solid plot points advanced in this issue. It moves at a faster pace than the previous two, with those issues already setting the somewhat somnambulant tone pervasive throughout.

Herbert is still a man possessed, but the object of his focus is Tristano, when in fact it should be the safety of Ragemoor itself. Perhaps dealing with Tristano is a means to that end, but even Bodrick warns Herbert that Ragemoor will require far more from him in way of sacrifice to be satisfied.

The monochromatic illustrations drain any semblance of comfort in Ragemoor #3, something Corben should be commended for. Even the character depictions are slightly off, creating this unsettling sense of doom as you read. It's a similar art style as the first two issues, but it's still really creepy.

There's only one issue left in the four-part miniseries, which is a shame. Strnad and Corben have turned in some really great work here; a tale that feels like Edgar Allen Poe with a hint of The Amityville Horror thrown in for good measure. It's definitely unlike most of the other stuff out there and deserves a look.

Ragemoor #3 is in stores May 23 and interiors are below.