Review - Reset #2

Second chances in life are few and far between. In fact, most of the times they're just plain rare. When you do get a second chance, a lot of tiems that second chance doesn't work out quite as well as you would hope. Such is the case in Reset #2.

Reset #2 is published by Dark Horse Comics and is written and illustrated by Peter Bagge.

Guy Krause continues his on-again, off-again love affair with the Reset project. He's back in, only at this point he wants to set his own rules with Dr. Angie Minor. The first issue focused on their uneasy, burgeoning relationship, but the second issue shows their relationship on a new level.

Guy thinks he's learned the trick to the Reset project. While he can't use his knowledge of the future to blatantly effect the past he's reliving, he can use it more subtly to his advantage. This leads to him reconciling a broken relationship and winning a fortune wagering on known sports outcomes.

The dialogue and story in this issue really only served to further define the relationship between Angie and Guy. It's a very tenuous one, with Guy looking to take advantage of the research while Angie is fighting external pressures to guide Guy in a certain direction.

From a story standpoint, that's really about it here. There's little in the way of story movement here, other than Angie's impending management change. It's still hazy what the end game of the Reset project is, other than testing the limits of Guy's patience.

Bagge's art is probably more noticeable in the issue. It's simplistic, with the emotions depicted as almost caricatures of the actual emotion being shown. He also differentiates the real world from the Reset world by using a different illustration style for the Reset world. It helps the reader keep track of where Guy is, whether it's reality or second chance.

Reset #2 is slower than the first and sort of deflates the momentum from that first issue. Yes, you get more insight into Guy as a character, but other than that, the issue was more of the same that was in the first. We get that Guy is sort of a jerk and I'm not sure Angie's new complications are really intriguing enough to keep reading.

Reset #2 is in stores May 16 with interiors below.