Review - The Walking Dead #97

Surviving in the zombie world is never an easy thing to do, especially when you have more than zombies to worry about trying to kill, capture or take all you hold dear. The TV show highlights the struggle of surviving in the zombie apocalypse world pretty well, but with it on break until the new season you'll have to turn to The Walking Dead #97 for your zombie fix.

The latest issue from Image Comics came out last week, continuing to chronicle Rick's fight for survival alongside others outside of Washington, D.C., suburb. Creator/writer Robert Kirkman and artists Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn are the fine folks that make this comic such an awesome story in every issue.

A new threat emerges to face Rick and his band of survivors in a man named Negan. Negan oversees a group of bandits extorting a small group of survivors who call themselves Hilltop. At first, Negan demanded half of all their supplies and scavenged items, but as with most instances of paid protection, he soon wants more. For a morally upright man such as Rick, this can cause problems. Should Rick ignore their pleas and move on without their help? Or should Rick get involved, making a stand with the Hilltop survivors against Negan?

I like how Rick as a character has really evolved over the course of the series from a man who did what had to be done to protect his family above everyone else to someone who realizes he can do just as much good for others. Rick has faced his share of loss over the course of the series and he's come to realize that you need others around you to trust and rely on if you're going to survive to actually build something in this new world.

Kirkman made this issue a pivotal moment for Rick and his realization. He's at a crossroads of sorts, where he knows he has to help Hilltop and fight against Negan in exchange for improving odds of survival, for both Rick and Hilltop. Rick shows his humanity, proving he's not just an animal fighting for survival.

The art is always one thing I have loved about The Walking Dead, as it just blends so perfectly with the story. The black and white just works, inspiring awe in the reader and delivering impact when action is depicted. There are many times when Rick is shown with blood on his face after a dust-up and the imagery still remains vivid.

I could spend all day talking about how awesome and what a great read this series is, with The Walking Dead #100 quickly approaching. I hope it goes for another hundred issues as it's just that good. Rick is constantly thrown into new and crazy storylines and I'm excited for The Walking Dead #98.

The Walking Dead #97 is in stores now, with interiors below.