The Spider #1 Sells Out and Goes to a Second Printing

There's room for more than one spider influenced superhero in comics, as Dynamite Entertainment's The Spider is quite a hit with readers. It's such a hit that The Spider #1 has sold out and gone to a second printing.

The series is written by acclaimed writer David Liss and drawn by Colton Worley, with covers by Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Francesco Francavilla and Ron Lesser. The first issue has Richard Wentworth as a decorated war hero and son of wealthy industrialist, transforming himself into a force of justice as The Spider. He relies on his wits, technology and pistols to aid him, fighting a one-man war against crime.

Full press release below.

May 8th, 2011, Runnemede, NJ - Dynamite Entertainment's The Spider #1, which has received unanimous critical praise, has sold out at Diamond and will go to an immediate second printing! Keep in mind that while the series is sold out at the distributor, your local retailer MIGHT still have first printings available.  Go check your store to see if they have this amazing collector's item still in-stock!  The series is written by acclaimed writer David (Black Panther: The Man Without Fear) Liss and drawn by Colton Worley, with covers by Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Francesco Francavilla and Ron Lesser!  The Spider, one of the greatest pulp characters of all time is now re-launched into the 21st century!  The issue #1 Variant 2nd printing offers an incredible cover variation to John Cassaday's issue #1 cover.

In The Spider #1, the world knows Richard Wentworth as a decorated war hero and the son of a wealthy industrialist - but only a few confidants know the truth. As New York City slides into violence and despair, Wentworth has transformed himself into a force of justice as The Spider! With only his wits, his technology, and his pistols to aid him, he fights a one-man man war against crime, but when a mysterious new villain threatens the city with an unspeakable horror, it may be more than even The Spider can handle. How far will a sane man go to restore order to an insane world? Find out in The Spider #1, which is going to a second printing NOW!
And ask your local retailer to order issue #'s 2 and #3.  #2 ships in June, and #3 is available for orders through the newest Previews Catalog.
And check out the dynamite Colton Worley interior pages shown here.  Seeing is believing!

And speaking of seeing, check out the glowing comments people have had for The Spider #1!
THE SPIDER #1 (COMICBOOKRESOURCES.COM): "The Spider" #1 is a fantastic slice of action and world building. It's bleak and it's harsh but it's all in service of the story and not just for the sake of it. Liss has previously shown some really good writing prowess and here it is capitalized upon. I just found my new favorite pulp comic."
THE SPIDER #1 (ONEGEEKNATION.COM): "The Spider #1 caught me completely off guard. I had no clue what to expect, and to be honest I had never heard of the character before. But, that didn't stop me from diving right in and loving this first issue. It's rare to read a first issue and love absolutely everything about it. The mythology of the character is deep, and easily accessible. The art is absolutely fantastic and you honestly because of those two things you don't want the issue to end. David Liss writes a superb issue, it's honestly the kind of issue that should get him noticed in the comic book community as a great writer."
THE SPIDER #1 (GEEKSOFDOOM.COM): "All in all, I can't recommend this book any higher. It sucks you in from the very first page and doesn't let go until the last. And that's what a comic book should do. I found myself actually lost for the 15 minutes that it took me to read this book. This is a book that I can see myself reading at LEAST twice a month. Once when it comes out and once before the next issue comes out… and probably a couple times in between. It's over-flowing with art and story, and I guarantee you'll want to revisit it between issues. So, when you go into your local comic shop this week, make a b-line for the Independent section and grab this book!!!"
THE SPIDER #1 (BLOODY-DISGUSTING.COM): "All in all, this a very healthy dose of awesome. It's a solid first installment and shows a lot of potential for future plotlines. Pulp is back, my friends, get it while it's hot!"
THE SPIDER #1 (MAJORSPOILERS.COM): "This issue is a great introduction to The Spider for new readers (or dilettantes like me), setting our stage, giving us his methods, his history and his fascinating world-view in the space of a single issue. It's not a traditionalist take on the character, but it seems to be a faithful update of the pulp hero, setting him firmly in the present and making him work in that setting. The art is beautiful throughout the issue, and The Spider himself looks phenomenal in action. I was worried about some of the cover images, as the red/black web motif made me worry that the creators were taking a bit too much from Wentworth's cultural offspring, Spider-Man, but the balance of this issue is just right. The Spider #1 hits all the right notes, and makes the rare jump straight into my pull list, earning 5 out of 5 stars overall, and serves as a perfect example of relaunch done right"
THE SPIDER #1 (CRAVEONLINE.COM): "If you like dark and surly crime noir, villains like The Cholera King and The Silver Falcon, and a strange pseudo zombie mystery, not to mention twisted emotional entanglements, asshole cops and a lot of smoldering cigarettes, The Spider is your book. And if you're not sure about any of that, just take a good gander at how cool this guy looks. It's undeniable."
The Spider was created by Harry Steeger at Popular Publications in 1933. He fought crime by donning a black fedora, a black cape, a trademark ring and a brace of .45 automatics to terrorize the criminal underworld, while driving in his sleek black specially outfitted Daimler.

The Spider novels were mainly written by Norvell W. Page, who filled them with danger, impending doom, fantastic villains, and great action!
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