Aspen Presents Soulfire: Primer #1

Aspen Comics has a massive Soulfire event taking place this summer. It's a big deal for Aspen, who's getting into the universe spanning events lately. The "Search for the Light" crossover event will require readers to brush up on their Soulfire knowledge and Aspen's got something for that.

Soulfire: Primer #1 is written by Michael Turner, Jeph Loeb and JT Krul and features art by Michael Turner and Joe Benitez (with Peter Steigerwald on colors). It collects all the pivotal moments from the first three volumes in an issue for $1.

Relive the quest of the young orphan boy Malikai, along with Grace and his friends as they battle the malevolent forces of Rainier and attempt to restore the fabric of magic in a world long devoid of it.

The primer hits stores June 20th with a few interiors below.